Zimbabwe is fading away

From the department of the-end-of-the-world-is-indifference:
Reports from Zimbabwe say bakeries have run out of flour and there will be no bread in the foreseeable future.

The Agriculture Ministry has confirmed that this year's wheat harvest yield of 145,000 tonnes is only one third of the country's requirements.

Agriculture Minister Rugare Gumbo is quoted as blaming the shortages on the failings of what he called the "new farmers" created by the land reforms.

Last week, the government announced it would import 100,000 tonnes of wheat.

But even that would still leave Zimbabwe short of its 400,000 tonne target for this year.

And it appears that a shortage of hard currency has already stranded a shipment of 35,000 tonnes of imported wheat at the Mozambican port of Beira.

Last week, Zimbabwe's main bread producer Lobels Bread said it had scaled back its operations by 80% and had only two days' supply of flour left.

The AP news agency says stores across Zimbabwe are now telling customers that bread will not be available until further notice.
Let me reiterate. Zimbabwe is not nearing collapse, it has collapsed already. People are already dying there. Zimbabwe won't disappear, it will just keep shrinking. The lucky ones have moved to South Africa.

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