Kevin Andrews knows nothing

From the department of shock-horror-migrants-are-different-to-us:
Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has inflamed tensions with the African community by releasing a dossier claiming African refugees were involved in gangs, nightclub fights and drinking alcohol in parks at night.


While refusing to release the full advice or provide any statistics, Mr Andrews said a summary of the material included:

- Concerns about race-based gangs.

- Reports of altercations between Africans at nightclubs.

- Conflict and assaults between some African families.

- Reports of a developing trend of young African males drinking alcohol in parks at night.

African community organisations arguing about who received favoured treatment.

"The critics who shout racism are bereft of real arguments," Mr Andrews said. "Australia has the right to ensure those who come here are integrating into a socially cohesive community."
Oh my goodness, the wonderful lands of Australia are being over-run by black African savages! Unlike any migrants before them, these migrants don't instantly take on the cultural trappings of the world around them. They don't instantly speak our language and there is even crime amongst them that is completely unAustralian, like public drunkenness and fighting!

In all seriousness, Kevin Andrews is not unlike many other people throughout history who fear that different people have come to invade us legally and destroy our culture. These people, along with Kevin Andrews, know nothing.


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