Al Gore

Not only did the majority of American voters vote for him in 2000, but he now has the Nobel Peace Prize to add to his Oscar.

Other winners of the Nobel Peace Prize include Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Albert Schweitzer. Awards were also given to jerks like Henry Kissinger and Yasir Arafat.

All he needs now is to be Knighted.

The guy also had a major influence on the development of the Internet. He didn't "create" it, but he did initiate legislation in 1991 that eventually led to the World Wide Web.


BLBeamer said...

There is one slight error in your list of Nobel recipients: your list of jerks should include Jimmy Carter.

Ron Lankshear said...

But why the Peace prize? I suppose none of the other prizes would fit BUT sharing the money with IPCC....

I saw Bill O'Reilly on FOX news going on about a CNN interview with Jimmy Carter and how CNN had let him knock the current president which is not supposed to be a thing to do.

I read a book on Israel by Jimmy recently


I did see that Doris Lessing got the Literature prize which is nice.

BLBeamer said...

What is it about the Nobel committee and its penchant for recognizing serial exaggerators and folks who inflate their resume?


Ron Lankshear said...

Thanks BL that is an amazing story. Do they check people?

BLBeamer said...

Ron, I thought it was interesting, too. It appears they do not check people, particularly if the individual's message affirms their own prejudices.