I love News Limited

From the department of Up-is-down:
A Father has been cleared of murdering his three young sons after they tragically drowned when his car plunged into a dam.

A Supreme Court jury has just found Robert Donald William Farquharson, 38, not guilty of murder in the wake of one of Victoria's most heart-wrenching trials.

Little Jai, 10, Tyler, 7, and Bailey, 2, died on Father's Day, 2005

(Source: Herald-Sun, owned by News Limited).

But wait, there's a subtle twist to this:
The jury in the murder trial of Robert Farquharson has found him guilty of three counts of murder.

Farquharson, 38, was charged with the drowning murder of his three sons, 10-year-old Jai, seven-year-old Tyler and two-year-old Bailey, who died when the car he was driving ran into a dam at Winchelsea, near Geelong, in 2005.

(Source: ABC News Website)
Other news sites that support the "theory" that Farquharson was found guilty: Sydney Morning Herald, NineMSN, Geelong Advertiser.

Yeah, yeah, it was probably a mistake. They had two stories ready to go and accidentally published both. So they weren't stupid really... just unprofessional in handling important news stories.

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Ron said...

Oh No! Was it in the print version?

Actually your link doesn't work - I guess they have removed it.
It is now

A FATHER has been found guilty of deliberately driving into a dam to murder his three helpless young sons. etc

If you search their site for his name - your link is still there with the WRONG summary but of course goes nowhere. hard to hide stuff on internet.