Dreamliner construction turns into nightmare for Boeing

From the department of I-thought-of-that-headline-by-myself-too:
Deliveries of US planemaker Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner aircraft will fall six months behind schedule, the company has announced.

The delay - to late November or December 2008 - was caused by manufacturing problems, Boeing said.

Half the materials used to build the Dreamliner are carbon fibre composites, making the process more complex.

The A380 superjumbo, the flagship of Boeing's arch-rival Airbus, has itself been hit by repeated delays.

The news had an impact on Boeing's share price, which fell 2.7% on Wall Street.
I love how everyone (Boeing and Americans generally) was crowing about production delays for the Airbus A380 and how inefficient Europe was and how it will be a white elephant... only for the 787 to be delayed. Hubris? Yes. Not to mention Schadenfreude.

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BLBeamer said...

It was hubris for those at Boeing and others to crow about the A380 delays. Blowback, as they say, is a b****.

However, that does not mean that the A380 won't be a white elephant. That is a question of two competing visions of the airliner market and remains to be seen.