Was David Kelly Murdered?

From the department of murder-investigations:
Newly released evidence adds to the theory that MoD scientist Dr David Kelly was murdered and did not commit suicide, an MP has claimed.

Norman Baker revealed that the penknife Dr Kelly apparently used to slash his wrist did not carry his own fingerprints.

Lib Dem Mr Baker said: "The angle you pick up a knife to kill yourself means there would be fingerprints.

"Someone who wanted to kill themselves wouldn't go to the lengths of wiping the knife clean of fingerprints.
David Kelly was an expert in biological warfare who supplied the BBC with information that questioned the government's claim that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction prior to the 2003 invasion. Kelly was later found dead and an investigation ruled that it was suicide.

There's always been a conspiracy theory that contended that Kelly was murdered. Norman Baker, a Liberal Democrat member of parliament, has been arguing that Kelly was murdered for some time now.

While I am not an avowed conspiracy theorist, the revelation that the knife allegedly used by Kelly to cut his wrists did not have his fingerprints on it is certainly interesting.

Moreover, if Kelly was murdered, then the murder was obviously unprofessional since it would have been quite easy for the murderer to daub Kelly's fingerprints on the knife. But, then again, the whole "case for war" that was created at the time contained errors and forgeries so blatant as to be unprofessional.

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