Global Warming - now a threat to Australians

From the department of public-consensus-seems-to-like-scientific-facts:
A major survey has found that an overwhelming majority of Australians believe global warming is at least as serious a threat to the nation as terrorism.

Sydney University's US Studies Centre has released one of the most comprehensive surveys ever undertaken on Australian attitudes to America.

The survey reports that 76 per cent of people believe global warming is now equal to or more serious a threat than Islamic fundamentalism.

That supports another recent report by the Lowy Institute for International Policy which also found that global warming had become the top concern.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Newcastle has, on average, 2.8 days every October when the temperature goes above 30 degrees Celsius. Well, October 1 and 2 got over 30 and October 3 - today - is heading that way. Coincidence? I think not. I blame George Bush...

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