Enforced Hiatus

Yes - I know I haven't been blogging. But family issues have been getting in the way.

As many long term readers know, my Mother-in-law has cancer. She has been valiantly battling this for some years and has lived longer than the experts predicted. However she is now at a point where she can no longer look after herself.

Additionally, our landlords were finally able to sell their house, which means that we have been given notice to leave so the new owners can move in.

The only reasonable thing we can do, therefore, is move in with Judy - a process that will both help her and help us. The problem is that her house is not really big enough for 3 adults and 2 children. So we are in the process of packing our stuff to be put into storage while taking the bare minimum with us to Judy's place.

With these concerns in mind, I haven't really been able to blog much. Since our next abode will be a tight squeeze, I may not have enough time to devote to blogging and commenting.

So I will have to stop blogging for a while. How long? I don't know. Make sure you keep my site on your bookmarks and check back on a weekly basis to see how things are going because it is my intention to continue blogging once things get a little easier.

Make sure you keep up with my 25 predictions for 2009.

I wish to reiterate again my firm opinion that the US dollar is poised for devaluation and that capital flight will occur. Given that this is the case, I am not very supportive of Barack Obama's stimulus plan since I believe that it might drive the US government to the brink of bankruptcy - and I say this not as a conservative but as a political progressive who is very glad that George Bush is no longer president.

As I have said before, borrowing and spending in order to solve a problem caused by too much borrowing and spending is not a logical solution to the current economic crisis. Obama and Congress may have inherited a debt-ridden Federal government caused by stupid Republican decisions, but that doesn't give them the right to make it even worse.

The inevitable result of US government debt reaching stratospheric levels will be an erosion in the faith of the US dollar. Once the dollar has crashed, the result will be something I describe as "financial armageddon". If you think 10% unemployment and -5% GDP is bad, think of how much worse it would become with a surge in inflation and/or an increase in interest rates.