A Broken Church

From the department of Jesus-wept:
(Pentecostal preacher) Thomas Wesley Weeks III, who is now facing charges of assaulting his wife, recently stood in his pulpit in Atlanta during a marriage conference and proceeded to teach married couples how to use profanity during sex.

Yes, the man who allegedly kicked and punched Juanita Bynum in a hotel parking lot last month told attendees at a “Teach Me How to Love You” event that they should get over their hang-ups about cussing. The bedroom, he said, is the place to get down and dirty.

“Don’t bring your salvation into the bedroom,” he said in a sermon segment that has been posted on YouTube. “All those special words that you can’t say no more because you’re saved … save that for the bedroom!”

It is bad enough that Weeks told his followers that it’s OK to use filthy language with your wife during lovemaking. It’s worse that he said these things as a minister speaking from a pulpit during a church service. Thankfully he didn’t bring a bed on stage and give a demonstration—but now that he has taken pulpit crudity to a new level, someone else is sure to introduce Pentecostal porn to an audience somewhere.
I enjoy my weekly read of J. Lee Grady, the editor of Charisma magazine and the author of the above quote. Praise the Lord that He has put this man in a position to speak prophetically against the excesses he sees in the modern church.


BLBeamer said...

It is almost a given that if a preacher has a TV show, then they aren't worth listening to.

I believe Weeks has a TV show.

Laura said...

That is a strong, prophetic article to which I give a wholehearted "Amen." Thanks for sharing -- I may have to check this guy out more often.