Some Abortion facts - Germany vs America

  • In 1996, the average American woman in child-bearing years had 0.69 abortions. This means that if you get 100 women together at random, 69 of them would have had an abortion. Source.
  • In 1996, the average German woman in child-bearing years had 0.23 abortions. Gather together 100 women and 23 of them would have had an abortion. Source.
  • US abortion rates suddenly dropped between 1994 and 1995 and have remained at that lower level since then. Source.
  • 17% of Americans have an income 50% of the median wage or lower. Source UNHDR (pdf, 12mb).
  • 8.4% of Germans have an income 50% of the median wage or lower. Source: UNHDR.
  • The US fertility rate is 2.0 children per woman. Source: UNHDR
  • The German fertility rate is 1.3 children per woman. Source: UNHDR.
  • Both the US and Germany have a contraceptive prevalence rate of 75 or 75%. Source: UNHDR.
  • In 2004, America's abortion rate was 16, down from 21 in 1996. Source: CDC.


BLBeamer said...

Are the statistics broken out by ethnic/religious group? For example, are the ethnic Germans aborting at higher rates than Muslim Germans who in turn are also reproducing at higher rates?

Ronduck said...

Here in the US we had 'welfare reform' around 1996 and that may have caused the drop in abortions. I also know that getting our health program for the poor to stop paying for abortions has been a major cause among the religious right.

Here is an article showing the ethnic, racial and class breakdown among those seeking an abortion in the United States:

If you scroll down past the text of the article you will see a link marked "see chart" that will show you the information graphically.

Ronduck said...

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