Britain, England, UK, which is which?


BLBeamer said...

Where's Rutland?

One Salient Oversight said...

Caught in a rut somewhere I suppose...

BLBeamer said...

I'm disappointed. Am I the only fan who still remembers the Pre-Fab Four? I thought you of all people would remember the Pride of Rutland, The Rutles.

I realize the reference was obscure, but I thought the Rutland reference would jog someone's memory.

John H said...

Wot no Isle of Man or Channel Islands?

Also, you might want to add some kind of dashed line around England and Wales to reflect the fact that they are a single legal jurisdiction.


One Salient Oversight said...

John - click "source" and you'll see which website I got it from. I didn't make it!

Beamer - Yes I do remember the pre-fab four! I'm surprised you know of them, being, well, an American.

Do you like Monty Python?

BLBeamer said...

Oh, yes, I'm a huge Python fan. My favorite movie of all time is Monthy Python and the Holy Grail. At one time I had the entire script memorized. Ni!

My father and my brothers and I together would all watch Monty Python on the TV in the '70s. We'd be falling off the sofa laughing and my mother would call out from the kitchen, "How can you watch that nonsense?"

Which was very strange because my mother's favorite show was Benny Hill.

Ron said...

When I was at RAF Wittering we were on the border of Rutland. They keep re-organising England and they dropped Rutland as a political entity . But there was a revolution and I heard its back.

That Euler diagram is brilliant - I'll stick it on my web English Counties page - its so difficult to explain UK etc.

Oh and John H the source site does explain IoM and CI - not IoW which a emailer was calling IOW Co - yuck - I suppose he thought it was a county like in USA.

Ah well - and BL - Its just a rabbit - but the teeth ....... A bunny from Rutland I suppose

Ron from Middlesex - no London - but isn't Surrey in London - no parts of Surrey are in London - what does the sex mean in Middlesex anyway