George Bush's historical standing - a flowchart

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Chestertonian Rambler said...

As a semi-conservative, Bush is an interesting character:

1) Domestically, at least on the ethical issues I am most educated on, he did a pretty decent job as President.

2) In Foreign Relations, his presidency is defined by the Iraqi War (or, as we called this period when we first invaded, "The Iraqi Peace.)

2a) The War may or may not have been necessary, but whatever we did afterwards simply failed. The heartbreaking thing, though, is that I've heard a small handful of ideas that might actually have lead to a "winning of the peace" early on. As it is, though, as long as Iraq is worse off than before the war, it's become a breeding ground for terrorism and a blatant sign of America hegemony inviting more terrorism.

2b) Yet at least as far as the war in Afghanistan goes--well, America hasn't fallen victim to any terrorism since 9/11.