A good reason for NOT electing Obama

I am not prejudiced. Far from it. What I am—or, I should say, who I am—is a man who loves his country so deeply that he is unwilling to stand idly by while our nation allows itself to be completely annihilated by another incoming comet.

Have we learned nothing from the tragic events of 1998, when, under the watch of President Morgan Freeman, this nation was plunged into chaos, and hundreds of millions of people died at the hands of the deadly Wolf-Beiderman space rock? The mere fact that this country is even considering putting another black man, Barack Obama, in the Oval Office proves that we have not.

We can't deny the facts, people. All we will get by electing an African-American is Texas-size space particles crashing into the Earth's surface, mega-tsunamis that barrel into the Appalachian Mountains, and 6.6 billion dead people.


So, if history is any indicator, a vote for Barack Obama in 2008 is essentially a vote for the complete and total obliteration of the human race.
- From America's most reliable source of news

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Ron said...

Morgan Freeman is a known cigar smoker. Cigars look like Space Rockets. I can only presume that the residents of the Apollo objects thought a threat was being made and decided on a pre emptive.
I have not seen Obama smoking any thing!

Re becoming Commander in Chief.
I do not notice any military service in his record on wiki. And I suppose none for Hilary either