Steamed Rice

I am the master of cooking rice. And I mean it. If salvation could be attained by cooking rice, I would not need Jesus.

I have now deigned to release my knowledge into the wider world via the Wikipedia cookbook site.

If anyone would like to partake of my immense wisdom and cook the perfect steamed rice, then click here.

No, no donations are necessary. It's what I do.

At some point in the future I shall also deign to give you my thoughts on personal humility. I am certain you are eager to read them.


Lankshear Genealogy said...

Well at no charge at all I can convey the secrets of eating rice for several decades. BUY A RICE COOKER!!!
Just a small one is ideal.

Chuck in the measured amount of rice and water - turn on and not only does it cook it to perfection it keeps it warm.

One cup of rice for 3 adults - you must be Australian.

I learnt all I know on humbleness from Uriah Heep

BLBeamer said...

Humility is all well and good, but patience is the Truest Virtue.

When it comes to patience, I make Job look like a hyperactive teenager with a pocket of cash in a candy store.

Mrs. Beamer said...

Oh, now you have hit on a sore subject with me. I am a good cook (thanks mom), but cooking rice is the ultimate challenge for me. It is either undercooked or so overcooked, it is slimy. If you don't watch over the rice and constantly stir it, the rice sticks to the bottom of the pan and burns. I get busy while preparing a meal and can't babysit the rice in the pan. Maybe a rice cooker would be the solution.

I can attest that Mr. Beamer is a very patient man. That is why when he fixes the car or attempts to fix things around the house, the rest of the family quickly gets out of the house. Apparently Job also patiently slammed doors, turned red with frustration and let a few choice words slip. Love ya honey!

Lankshear Genealogy said...

Dear Mrs B that method is so difficult. OSO's link is good and we did that for years but a little special cooker is wonderful - normally I am against kitchen gadgets sych as pasta makers, bread, popcorn etc but a few we do need.

The greatest joy Christine and I have is to go camping and PITCH the tent. Since 20 years plus we stay in rental vacation places.

Reuben Kincaid said...


BLBeamer said...

Mrs. B is not just a good cook - she is an excellent cook. Even her rice dishes aren't as bad as she implies and a few of them even are delicacies.

Mrs. B's only real shortcoming is with eggs. I am the reigning egg cooking champion in the Beamer household, and even Mrs. B will admit it. Coo coo ca choo, dear.

I also rather resent the implication behind the "attempts to fix things". Like Yoda says, there is no attempt - there is only do or do not.