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I already have a bran you moron!

I may disagree with you, but I will fight for the right for you to express your desire to forcibly shut me up.

Which oil-free bus does he ride?

Reminds me of Bart Simpson getting out of class: "Oh my ovaries!"

Hmmm, God's judgement is coming against baby killers AND "sports nuts".

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Ron said...

I wonder what those lovely people the Moran's ever did to him.

Just amazing what folk protest about.
Number 1 at bottom of the link page is a guy who read a book on the Brits who designed the machine to break the German Enigma machine and as the main inventor was homosexual the proester that wants to ban computers - a little of knowledge and off he goes.......

My favourite WRONG spelling was in Hong Kong - some little wooden statues were sold as "funny cravings"

BLBeamer said...

Is that the actor Mathew Broderick in that last photo?

Ron, my father in law has photos of a sign in post WWII Japan. It was next to a road construction site: "Men At Working".

Ron said...

I assume you mean the "God's Judgment..." last one on OSO - I was talking about last one on the linked page. That is certainly not Matthew.
If the other is Matt then he is very young. But I think that guy is taller than Matthew.

Matthew was so good in "Glory".

Plenty of road construction in Hing Kong and they always have a sign saying EXACTLY when it will finish. Which I recall also in USA. Here we had a rebuild of our railway station and it said road disruption from November to March except 2 years later the sign was still there as was the disruption

BLBeamer said...

I liked Matt in "Glory", too, which is one of my faves.

My favorite role of his was Eugene in "Biloxi Blues" and I also liked him in "The Cable Guy" and "Election".

My favorite movie he's been in, though, is "You Can Count on Me", but it's not my favorite for his work. Mark Ruffalo stole the show on that one.