Gary Busey or Nick Nolte?

A Gary Busey fan website explains all:
Gary and Nick are two totally different people. Nick Nolte is the oscar nominated star of Prince of Tides and 48 Hours who was People's sexiest man alive in 1992 and posed for the cover of Playgirl in 1979, and who now looks like this.

Gary Busey, on the other hand, smokes cigars.

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Ron said...

You should have a blog on your Vote options. Actually I ticked Books I don't intend to READ. I nearly ticked GNB but then I have read it. Appalling English the NLT is wondeful BTW. And of course I have Shakespeare - a copy I bought for Xmas for my mother cost me 7/6d in real sterling and I have read it especially the Sonnets which I used to memorise on bus trips.

Now which bloke in the awful shirt is Nolte.