Global warming believers - what music do they listen to?

Well, according to the global warming last.fm group (which I have just joined), these are some of the most popular songs listened to by those who want to do something about global warming:

  • The Beatles - All you need is love (and negative net carbon emissions as well I assume)
  • Pink Floyd - Money (lots of it needed)
  • Judas Priest - Breaking the law (if need be I suppose)
  • The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (so long as there's a lot a trees as well to go with those endless fields)
  • Placebo - Song to say goodbye (If nothing is achieved, why not?)
  • Pink Floyd - Brain Damage (believers in anthropogenic global warming? Nah not us!)
  • Pink Floyd - Time (it's running out)
  • Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (time to cut down on smog)
  • Pink Floyd - Us and Them (believers vs sceptics)

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