A Reminder

When I write an entire section in italics, it means that I am quoting. I may actually believe in what the section quotes, but please don't attribute the quote to me. Nor should you assume that I agree with everything that has been quoted. Nor should you infer anything much about my character or belief by looking into someone else's writing that I have quoted.

Why am I saying this?

Here is a QUOTE from a guy called Matthew who left a comment on a recent post I made about Wade Burlson and Al Mohler:
I have just stumbled across your site and based on this posting it is clear that you have not really studied Dr. Mohler. You are also full of contradictions. If you seriously think that Calvinism has no Biblical warrant then how do you explain God having control over creation and God saving anyone. God chose to redeem his people some that one must believe to be a Christian and is a starting point for Calvinism. Lastly, you imply that Mohler is a open theist. You are just flat out wrong on that. Listen to his radio show and read his blog. You will see that although you might not agree with the man all the time you must respect him. Not only for what he did at Southern Seminary but for the simple fact that he standing in the gap and trying to convey Biblcial truth to an unbiblical society.
What poor Matthew is complaining about is not what I wrote, but about what Wade Burlson wrote about Al Mohler. He has read a quote that I copied and pasted from Wade Burlson's site and somehow believed that I had written it, even though it is clear from the posting and the italics that I was quoting. Moreover, he has also assumed from this posting that I somehow believe that "Calvinism has no Biblical warrant", which sorta goes against everything I have said on this blog. Check my FAQ and you'll see that I'm a five-point Calvinist.

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BLBeamer said...

How dare you accuse Matthew of being full of contradictions!