Netscape is Dead. Long live Mozilla Firefox.

From the department of honouring-our-glorious-dead:
It birthed the web as we know it. But tomorrow, February 1, marks the demise of Netscape Navigator, the first commercial web browser.

Navigator will continue to function should you happen to have a recent copy stashed away. But America Online, which has been Netscape’s guardian during its long, downward slide in popularity, will no longer support the browser and will stop releasing updates. Support for all versions of the software will be off-loaded to the Netscape community forum. Netscape.com will continue to live on as a web portal.


Netscape released its browser’s source code and created the Mozilla project in 1998. AOL then acquired Netscape in 1999. Recognizing that Netscape got some things right and others wrong, Blake Ross and some of his developer friends branched off to create Firefox, which for all practical purposes is the current incarnation of Netscape.

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Ron Lankshear said...

Netscape was the browser when I started on web and I used it to write html newsletters etc. Sad to see it go. And sad also that it was so linked to AOL. Wasn't Netscape the first of the free real professional software