Barry Morse is dead

Maybe I've had enough of Earth and its so called civilisation.
Morse played Victor Bergman in the camp 1970s sci-fi series Space 1999. He was one of my childhood heroes. He was 89.

About Space 1999, he said this:
It seemed very intriguing and we all knew that there was the possibility of making a very thrilling series out of space exploration and science fiction. But there was only one script. The truth is, on day one when we all went to Pinewood Studios to start shooting, neither Martin, nor Barbara, nor I or indeed anybody else had seen a script. To an old circus horse like me it was a bit ominous. I though 'Uh-oh..' The series was always a constant race against time. The result of that, in my view, was that not enough attention was paid to those small details of character and relationship which are the most important thing in a dramatic series.


Gordon Cheng said...

Hey! Now that's a nice photo of you Neil. I might even start visiting this blog again now. Your mum would be pleased I'm sure. And a lovely haircut too.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Eagles when I was a kid. Some of the monsters freaked me out though.

Ron said...

Yes Barry was good.....

I think Gordon is right about your photo - much too one on one..

Bring back the old background - the white is overpowering.

Who is Peter?