Shoaib Akhtar hits fellow teammate with bat

From the department of Pakistani-cricket-is-never-boring:
Pakistan's preparations for the ICC World Twenty20 have been rocked by an "incident" between Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif in Johannesburg which has led to the latter injuring his leg.

According to sources, the two were allegedly involved in a dressing-room spat which resulted in Asif being struck by a bat on his left thigh. The injury is not thought to be anything more serious than a bruise but a team investigation into the matter is now pending and an announcement is expected tomorrow.

Ahsan Malik, the board spokesman currently traveling with the team, confirmed to Cricinfo that there was a row though he refused to expand on the details. "There was an incident between Shoaib and Asif in the dressing room soon after practice today. I cannot give any details on the matter. Asif has a bruise on his left thigh but he has had X-rays and has been cleared. He is fine as far as I am aware.

"The team management is carrying out an investigation into the matter and the results are expected tomorrow. We cannot say anything right now about sending players back or replacements," Malik added.

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