1. Writing detailed comment (300 words?) on a Christian blog site. Takes me 15 minutes to write properly.
  2. Finished comment. Entered the security code and pressed "publish".
  3. "Wrong security code" says the next screen. "Press the back button on your browser"
  4. Press back button.
  5. My comment (300 words) is gone.


Ron said...

I KNOW (said as per Sybil - Fawlty Towers)

One reason when clicking Contact Us and finding a form I then check the View Source for Email address. So I can email instead - so often those forms fail. If no clear email and I have to use form I draft an email and then copy to form or blog.

If a long comment I would suggest similar or write your own blog and then link to it from comment.

I find these Security Codes often fail. The Upper and Lower case position is often vague and sometimes the background makes too much noise to read the characters anyway.

Looking at comments I often am reading as quick sounds bytes and long items I might bypass - a snappy outline with a link might attract me to link

Reuben Kincaid said...

You twit!

Write it in Word first, spell check it then cntrl V.

Have a nice day :-)