Prosperity Islam?

How about this from Cricinfo:
Mushtaq Ahmed, who took 13 wickets in the match and whose 90 wickets in the season were again instrumental in Sussex's success, said: "I had an extra pray and asked Allah to give us another Championship. If you give 100% then Allah will always favour you.

"The people here are so kind and lovely. It's a family club and I'd like to thank them. But you have to give 100% and the players cheer each other up and are united - when people are not doing well we back them up. You have to stay together when there are ups and downs. It's a very special moment for Sussex but we've had to work hard for our win."

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Anonymous said...

How many cricket spectators have died from cricket balls being hit for 6? That guy last week hitting 6 6's, I was just waiting to hear that he had hit them at 6 sons with unusual tattoos under their fringe...