Madeleine McCann - another Chamberlain?

The parents are now suspects.

I have seen a few times in the past parents who use the media to share their grief over their missing child, only for them to admit guilt in killing them.

However, as the Chamberlain case reminds us, often hysteria and bias can get in the way of impartiality and good investigation. Moreover, both the parents are GPs, which gives less weight to the current theories of Madeleine being accidentally killed by her mother by using too many sedatives.


Ron said...

Christine immediately said "Oh No Linda all over again". And the evidence being blood in a car.

And just before I read your blog I saw this news story

Maddie blood evidence not 100 per cent: police


Yesterday what I heard was clearly "her blood" in the car and the bedroom.

The article contains a great sentence

"Last week Portuguese police received the results of tests of blood samples from the bedroom Madeleine had been sleeping in before her disappearance from a British laboratory."

Maddie disappeared from where...?

How could a professional put such a mess together. And the headline is about the car and this comment is about the bedroom and no clue is given those results.

A USA expert said "he could not believe it of these parents". He runs some TV show on crimes and has seen several such cases.

But why have they left Portugal. Presumably they have given up on that Police force.

I had not realised they were medical people which does make the over dose story hard to accept.

But what would be the scenario that the police are saying. They kill the child, hide the body and 25 days later hire the car to move the body. And How did the blood get in the car - they cut her throat?
Hard to believe.

One Salient Oversight said...

"The blood in the car" in the Chamberlain case turned out to be a chemical used in the production process. Every single make of car had the same chemical residue.