Maddox and Disney

From the department of Maddox-is-always-right-always:
I hate it how companies like Disney produce a stream of non-stop garbage that gives children unrealistic ideals from a very young age, so that when those ideals aren't met, they grow up to be resentfull and bitter. I hate things that are soft. Everything should be sharp and painful. I think that Disney movies should all end with everyone dying in them for a change. If stupid little kids cry about it, TOUGH. The world doesn't need another tree hugging sissy-marie. I think Disney should make a movie where the group of kids from "The Sound of Music" go on a field trip and get in a car wreck in which everyone dies. The End. That's how life is sometimes. Everyone dies. That's what kids should learn. Not that they can be a stereotypical little arab peasent boy that can acquire all gold in the world, a kingdom and a princess (aladdin).

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Ron said...

Just show them HAMLET