Alcohol and Violence in NSW

From the department of the-importance-of-prevention:
New South Wales Police Force welcome the findings of a landmark study that reveals the startling financial cost to alcohol-related incidents - the state’s biggest single crime factor.

The survey estimated that 8.2% of all police officer time is spent dealing with alcohol-related issues. That represents a cost of $50 million a year, or the equivalent of employing 1,000 full time constables.
From a purely economic viewpoint, it is obvious that measures to prevent alcohol induced violence need to increase. $50 million per year is $50 million too much. If the NSW government could spend $10 million more per year advertising safe and responsible drinking, the effect will (hopefully) be a reduction in the cost of alcohol induced violence.


Ron said...

I heard this also and just love stats like 8.2%. How do they get to the .2 let alone the whole 8.

I always thought looking after drunks was a major reason for the Police anyway. So when I heard only 8.2% and they started to say drink driving, fights, domestic violence I thought ONLY 8.2%

Back in early 1900s in UK the police issued bios and photos of people "not wanted in pubs" for being habitually drunk.

The TV videos of what looked like real fights were very alarming.
This new police boss really wants to change things.

Anonymous said...

I miss 4 Corners because of bible study.