Osama at APEC

This is priceless:
The Chaser team's arrest after driving a fake motorcade into Sydney's restricted zone - with one member dressed as Osama bin Laden - proves APEC security is a success, the NSW Police Minister says.

An angry David Campbell denied he was embarrassed by the comedians' ability to penetrate APEC's restricted zone - rather, he was pleased the "multi-layered'' security had worked.

He said the prank was inappropriate and he "did not see the funny side at all''.

The Chaser's production team had been specifically warned by police to behave responsibly during the APEC security lockdown, he said.

"[The police] said: 'We understand that parody and satire are entertaining and fun, many people watch the program and enjoy it, but please understand the seriousness of this matter and please take caution as you go about making your program.'
I don't watch this show - but could these people be Australia's greatest comedians? They'll be talking about this in 20 years.

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Ron said...

If they didn't intend to enter the zone why did they try? And they were arrested I gather before they reached any "important" place. The guy did not look like Bin Laden - who by by the way I read today elsewhere has died of Thyphoid and will also appear in a new video on a website.

The ABC report includes the following quote - with which I agree.

Mr Rudd has told Channel Nine that while satire has a role to play, the stunt was inappropriate.

"Given the heightened security environment around Sydney that's actually just not responsible," he said.

"I'm a fan of the Chaser's, I watch their stuff, they take the mickey out of me all the time - that's fine. But I think when you've got a major security event going on in Sydney right now, I think these guys have crossed the line."