Man, 72, refused alcohol over age

From the department of what-the-heck:
Supermarket staff refused to sell alcohol to a white-haired 72-year-old man - because he would not confirm he was over 21.

Check-out staff at Morrisons in West Kirby, Wirral, demanded Tony Ralls prove he was old enough to buy his two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mr Ralls asked to see the manager who put the wine back on the shelf.

The grandfather-of-three said he had refused to confirm he was over 21 as it was a "stupid question."

Mr Ralls, a retired insurance firm regional manager, said he expected the store manager to resolve the situation but he was disappointed.

"I felt like saying 'What do I look like? Are you a fool?'

"He picks up the wine and, in the manner of a child taking home his ball, says 'Well, we won't serve you'."


Ron said...

What a compliment!!! Just 2 years older than me.
Some ten years ago I was in a bank and there was question on travel and the teller asked was I over 25. My colleague collapsed in a heap.
Presumably they were worried he would be drunk in charge of shopping trolley.
It is similar to the habit of we must check your bag - you look like a shop thief.

Ron said...
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