Recession watch

The Wilshire 5000 has declined 2.3% since high on July 13 2007.

The Euro was worth US$1.3788 on July 13 2007. Today it is worth US$1.4132.

If you adjust the Wilshire 5000 according to the fall in the value of the US Dollar, then it has declined 4.2% in relation to the Euro.

US Durable goods orders have fallen the highest in seven months

The Case-Schiller index - a measure of real house prices in the United States - is forming a bell curve (graph here).

Oil hovering around $80 still.

Decline in House prices is the largest in sixteen years (4.5% decline in house prices in July compared to year previously)

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42 said...

but AAPL/RIMM/etc all broke new highs! buy buy buy!

it's so incredibly frustrating sitting there in disbelief watching markets go green day after day no matter how bad the news is or how much toxic bilge there is swirling around The Street.