Who said this?

Competitive markets are massive and generally efficient generators of
economic wealth. They must therefore have a central place in the
management of the economy. But markets sometimes fail, requiring direct
government intervention through instruments such as industry policy.
There are also areas where the public good dictates that there should
be no market at all.

Update: Yes Gavin you are correct, it was from Kevin Rudd's maiden speech in Parliament after he was elected in 1998. You have won $4 Billion. Please copy and paste your bank account details, your full name and address, medicare number and a high-res image of your signature into the comments in order to receive your money.


A Birdy said...

Mr Kevin Rudd MP, Member for Griffith (Qld)

First Speech To Parliament - 11/11/1998

A Birdy said...

You can keep the $4 billion or donate it to a charity of your choice.

That amount is about the same that John Howard will get when he retires after this election.