Ride and The Charlatans

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Two of my favourite bands are British and hail from the early 1990s. They are Ride and The Charlatans. One remarkable thing about the two bands - who rose to prominence at the same time despite having different styles of music - is the similarity in appearance between Mark Gardner (Ride guitarist) and Tim Burgess (Charlatans vocalist). You can see this similarity In the picture above, with both bands posing together. Mark Gardner is third from the left and Tim Burgess is the last on the right. Or.. is it the other way around?

And Steve Queralt (Ride bass player and the person to the left of Tim Burgess) looks like John Christie - doesn't he John?

Tragically, Rob Collins (Charlatans organ player and first on the left looking very depressed) died in a car accident only a few years after this photo was taken. Andy Bell (Ride guitarist and to the left of Steve Queralt) joined Oasis after Ride split.

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