Thank God for America

As someone who pulls no punches when it comes to criticising America, you might think that I have some sort of anti-American agenda.

The reality is that I merely have an agenda to expose and propagate facts. I consider myself part of the "reality-based community" who make decisions based upon careful analysis and who wish to see that the entire world - not just America - learns from its mistakes.

But, with Thanksgiving still being celebrated, I wish to now make my own list of real, objective, reality-based thanks to God for creating America.

  • I thank God for America because it was the first modern democracy, and established a constitution worth keeping and imitating.

  • I thank God for all the technological and scientific and medical breakthroughs that have taken place within America, which have benefited the entire world.

  • I thank God that America has a system of justice and laws that, while not perfect, has shown the world the importance and benefit of the Rule of Law.

  • I thank God that the system of checks and balances within American politics has made government easier to manage, and is worthy of imitation around the world.

  • I thank God for the opportunities that people have to improve themselves and to be rewarded for the hard work they do.

  • I thank God for the Americans I speak to over the internet who have shown themselves to be intelligent, wise, humble and enlightened.

  • I thank God for the men and women of the US military, who are willing to put their lives on the line for their country - an attitude worth imitating.

  • I thank God for the American soldiers of World War II, who were able to bring peace to Europe and peace to the Pacific - the latter bringing relief to the people of Australia.

  • I thank God for the American space program, which shows how far humans can go when given the opportunity and technology.

  • I thank God that America kept the world at peace during the Cold War, and who employed men to look after nuclear weapons safely and responsibly during that period.

  • I thank God for American Christians, who have shown their willingness to keep faith and doctrine pure and who have a genuine fervour to see the world won for Christ.

  • I thank God for America's religious freedom, which allows the church to grow without being persecuted by the state.

  • I thank God for America's migrants, who have been able to make America into a land where differences can be celebrated.

  • I thank God for America's civil war, which shows how much Americans are willing to sacrifice in order to ensure freedom in their own land.

  • I thank God for America's internal dissent, which allows people to air their opinions without fear of being jailed by the state.

  • I thank God for America's emphasis upon personal responsibility, which encourages all peoples around the world to make their own decisions based upon their beliefs.

  • I thank God for America's vast economic wealth which has improved the lives of its citizens immeasurably, and which acts as an example for the world to follow.

  • I thank God that America will continue to be an example to the world throughout the 21st century


Theteak said...

You're one of the most anti-American people I know.

BLBeamer said...

Teak - I'm an American, and I don't believe Neil is anti-American.

He disagrees with (and sometimes misunderstands) certain things about the USA and he's not shy about expressing his views, but the Proverbs say that "iron sharpens iron".

Certainly Neil is less anti-American than many Americans, some of whom are in Congress.

I am thankful for friendly nations like Australia. I am also thankful for my friends here be they Aussie, Kiwi or whatever.

Ron said...

God Bless America.

I have been around most of the country and the people are wonderful - and the food is pretty good. You never walk out of a restaurant hungry or thirsty.

I think the list is quite sound.

Now them being the first modern democracy. I'd regard England from 1688 as having a constitution worth keeping and imitating. Who has imitated the USA's? When the a Republic was being pushed here the people were thinking the USA except the pollies did not want a freedom like that.

I sure hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their families.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget America gave Arnie an opportunity to make movies like Conan, Commando, T1 & T2, Total Recall, Predator, and that immortal cry of pain (whether going bug eyed in the low oxygen environment of Mars or having labor pains in "Junior")...

instead of "Ow" we hear...

"aaaauuuuurrrrgggghhhh aauaaurghhh auaaaaagggghhhhh!"

Come on, you know you like it.

BLBeamer said...

I'm not a great Arnie movie fan, but how can a country that has given the world Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus and Miles Davis be all bad?