An eventful night for the family

I still haven't finished upgrading my computer properly yet (trying to get system to boot off new Hard drive is proving the problem) and I have been using a Linux LiveCD to get access to the internet.

But last night was an eventful one for my family.

As I told you last week, Judy - Anna's mum - had to get an ambulance to hospital. Her Cancer is back in a big way and she had to have quite a few litres of fluid drained from her abdomen. She was sent home last Saturday and went back on her chemotherapy.

Yesterday afternoon she had to get an ambulance again for a different health problem - a potential blood clot. A couple of years ago Judy was hospitalised for a clot and has required a blood thinning agent since then. Suffice to say that her clot condition and her cancer are both serious conditions and both have hit her hard in the last week. Anna had to leave work early to go to the hospital to look after her.

And here's the darkly humourous part - the last time Judy was hosptialised for her clot, Aiden, my son, was hospitalised for croup. They ended up in the same hospital (the Mater in Waratah, near our house) and even in adjacent beds.

Why darkly humourous? Well, as Judy lay in the emergency ward at the Mater last night, Aiden was lying in the emergency ward of the John Hunter Hospital. It's amazing how these coincidences work out.

Anna has been taking Aiden twice a week to Tae Kwon Do classes. Although Aiden was scared at first he has done quite well and enjoyed the physical activity of learning this martial art. With Anna away with Judy, I took Aiden down to his class (which is located within walking distance in his primary school hall). While there I arranged for another mother to give him a lift home in her car while I look after Lillian. I came back.

15 minutes later the mother was knocking on our door. Aiden had fallen badly and cut himself on the chin and I had to drive down to get him to hospital. Serendipitously, Anna called while I was getting ready and found out as well. When I got to the school Anna was already there.

Aiden was a mess. His accident wasn't serious but it was painful and the blood was spectacular. He was practising kicks before the class started with another student of the same age when the accident happened. I think it went like this. Imagine kicking out your right leg at full height while being balanced on your left foot. Now imagine having your left foot catch on pants that were too long, causing you to lose balance. Now imagine falling while facing the ground, without your hands out to protect you. Now imagine your face hitting the ground with an almighty thump, taking the entire weight of your body on your chin. That, in effect, was what Aiden managed to do in less than 1 second.

The damage could have been more serious. X-rays did not show any breaks or fractures in the jaw, and a Dentist had to be called in to examine his teeth. One of his teeth went straight through his bottom lip. The worst bit was his chin. In the old days he probably would have required about 6-8 stitches to fix it up but these days they have a magic glue instead. The medical staff were proficient, professional and kind. Aiden was admitted around 6.45pm last night and we finally left at around 11.30pm.

It is hard for a father to be around his child who is experiencing great pain. On several occasions I had to hold him down to prevent his hands from interrupting the work of the medical staff. Lots of tears were shed. I have to say, however, that this trip was not as stressful as the one I did a few years ago for croup. With croup, Aiden struggled to breathe and this was far more frightening than a bloody chin and a thick lip. Aiden performed well under duress though, and we're proud of how he handled himself.

Judy, however, is still lying in hospital. Her condition is serious. Please continue to pray.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for keeping Aiden safe while in hospital. Thank you for providing professional and sensitive medical staff who were able to use their expertise to examine and treat him. We praise you father that nothing serious has come out of this. Help Aiden to recover fast.

For Judy, we pray that you heal her. Help her body to be rid of the problems of cancer and clots. Help her to remain strong in the faith. Help Judy, Anna and Neil to trust in your sovereignty in case this is the time that You call Judy into paradise. Thank you for all the great things you have given us, and help us all to respond to suffering not with anger or confusion, but with gratefulness for all the good things you have given us in life. We do not own our lives - they belong to you.



BLBeamer said...

You and your family has been in our prayers since I read your post about your mother-in-law. My own mother battled cancer as well. I believe I have some idea of your family's ordeal.

Rest assured we will continue to pray for you and yours. First things first: take care of your family's needs and ignore the blog if you must.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that.