Celebrating the $100 day

So, what are you going to do when oil goes over $100 per barrel?

I sat in bed this morning listening to ABC NewsRadio and when the financial report came on I heard the magic words...

Turmoil... financial markets... massive losses... price of oil (and at this point I get excited and ready my fist for jubilation) JUST BELOW $100 per barrel.

Which reminds me, what are you going to do when oil gets to $100? There has to be some sort of celebration for those of us who delight in the pain to come (evil overlords all of us).

I remember many years ago when the Kiwi Dollar was appreciating against the Aussie, many New Zealanders, in the best traditions of All Black World Cup Rugby grand final success, were preparing to host "Parity parties" to toast the success of the Kiwi and the demise of the Aussie (which, like the World Cup, did not happen).

So, what are you going to do to celebrate the beginning of the end?

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BLBeamer said...

What else: road trip!