I Purchased an Air Conditioner today

Since we're renting it had to be a portable one, but I found the whole process annoying because the ones recommended by Choice Magazine seemed to be remarkably absent from stores all over Newcastle.

So I forked over the cash and the thing will be delivered tomorrow.

It would have been better to get a split system installed but, as I said, we rent, which of course means that the cooling ability of a portable a/c won't be that wonderful for what we pay for in buying it or paying for electricity to run it.

Summer is my most hateful seasons of the year. This morning I woke up to a heat rash on my back and chest, which seems to occur whenever the temperature regularly exceeds 20° C (68° F). I hate sweating whenever it goes about 27° C (80.6° F) and whenever it is heavily humid (like January-February), though the afternoon thunderstorms in the Hunter can be entertaining as well as relieving.

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