Hillsong investors defrauded

From the department of you-gotta-have-faith:
A failed Sydney property developer has been jailed for a year-and-a-half for defrauding members of the Hillsong Church.

Robert Orehek raised $4.6 million for property developments between 2001 and 2002.

He promised unrealistic returns to the investors, many of whom were fellow members of the Hillsong Church.

Almost all of them lost their money when the project failed, partly because of Orehek's extravagant lifestyle.

He had used some of their funds to buy a luxury apartment at Balmoral, on Sydney's North Shore, for his own use.

The 45-year-old pleaded guilty to charges, including fraudulent misappropriation.

In sentencing, the judge said Orehek began on the road to disaster when he was introduced to investors within the church.

He ordered Orehek's release on a good-behaviour bond after he serves 18 months in jail.
From the SMH:
Sentencing him in the District Court in Sydney today, Judge Bennett said Orehek had been driven by greed and an inability to say no when he accepted offers of investment money which well exceeded his management ability.

"Orehek felt that he was invincible and other people in the church thought they were invincible," Judge Bennett said.

"With the power of God they were able to trust each other implicitly."

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