Who said this?

Abortion, environmentalism, AIDS, pornography, drug abuse, and homosexual activism have fragmented and polarized our communities.
Hint - They're American, and it's not someone left wing.


Yes Ron Lankshear got it right (he probably did a Google search) it is, indeed, Republican presidential candidate and evangelical Mike Huckabee who is quite happy to label people who care for the environment as being just as bad as AIDS.


Ron said...


BLBeamer said...

I suspect any randomly selected American politician has said that, pandering to the audience they happened to be speaking to.

I suspect Al Gore has said it. Nancy Pelosi, Ronald Reagan, G. W. Bush, Bill Clinton have said it, etc.

Anonymous said...

Really Beamer? Any evidence?

BLBeamer said...

Dave - Nothing documented. Just my own impressions and general low opinion of the depths to which American politicians' rhetoric will fall to try to win votes.

Vaughan Smith said...

Well, it is a true statement. All those things have fragmented and polarised the American public, right?

BLBeamer said...

Those things haven't fragmented the US so much as fanatics from both left or right trying to politicize those things.