Non-nuclear Iran a real and present danger... apparently

From the department of The-Muslim-Bogeyman -is-coming-for-us:
US President George W Bush says Iran remains a threat to the world despite new intelligence saying the country may not be building nuclear weapons.

Yesterday a US intelligence report said Iran halted its program to develop nuclear weapons in 2003, but added that it had continued to enrich uranium.

Dubbed the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), the report represents the considered judgement of all America's intelligence agencies.

Mr Bush says the report is a warning signal and his view that a nuclear Iran will be a danger has not changed.

"I believed before the NIE that Iran is dangerous and I believe after the NIE that Iran is dangerous," he said.

"To me the NIE provides an opportunity for us to rally the international community to pressure the Iranian regime to suspend its program."
Of course, after spending the last few years warning the world that Iran was going to destroy freedom with terrorist nukes, Bush is hardly going to say "Well folks, the good news is that I was wrong about them Iranian fellas. They 'aint as dangerous as I thought they were.", but then what else could he say after painting himself into a corner?

This sort of action by Bush - being forced to defend his position when careful analysis suggests that he is wrong - reinforces the belief that Bush does not act based upon evidence, but upon, well, something else. Maybe he does think God is talking to him, or maybe he just cherry-picks evidence to suit his bias, or maybe he has made a lot of money by manipulating the market as it reacts to geopolitical conflict that he initiates, or maybe he's just plain evil and wants to destroy the world, or maybe there is someone close to him who tells him lies and manipulates him... whichever one it is it is certainly not a case of him thinking and reacting appropriately to clear and unambiguous information.

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scott gray said...

or maybe he is just dumb as a post.