A mixture of sporting metaphors

“This is a slam-dunk reversal, admitting error. Now, when they play poker, they show their hands to each other, so they don’t get another curveball.” - Tim Weiner, quoted in the New York Times.


BLBeamer said...

Well, this guy is barking up the wrong moon if he thinks he can pass "Go" without first buying a ticket on the Plain Talk express, because that just ain't cricket.

Ron said...

Hey BL I see we no longer have a Monopoly on the wicket sport.

I am having real trouble with the showing your poker hand. Perhaps it is that version where you hold your cards over so everyone can see it except your self and then based on how bad the others hands are which you can see you bet.

Just started Bob Woodward Part 3 on Bush and the war. Very interesting on Rumsveld trying to control the generals.

What is the CIA up to on Iran. Obviously George knows better than them.

I missed your conspiracy theory votes. I would have added the TWA flight. Or does NO votes mean it wasn't a conspiracy????

See youse in a week or so

BLBeamer said...

Re: Conspiracy votes.

I voted for the WTC controlled demolition. The "Troofers" make Pat Robertson look like Socrates.

I also voted for the hoax moon landing. A couple years ago, Buzz Aldrin was speaking and one of these hoax believers kept heckling him, trying to get Buzz to "admit" that the moon landing never took place. Buzz did what any reasonable person would have done: he punched the guy in the nose.