A weird thought

I have to write this down, just in case it ends up being true.

It is 2009-11-06, 10.19 UTC

I have this theory that Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the guy has been charged with the Fort Hood massacre, was not the gunman. I think he was mistaken for the gunmen and shot by someone responding to the massacre.

The gunman himself committed suicide and is one of the 12 dead people.

Just a wild theory, but I've put it out there just in case.


Ron said...

Sure I agree Weird.
It seems he was shot 4 times. I presume they saw him shooting and he was shooting at them.
Also some 30 wounded presumably many would have identified him.

On the other hand SMH reports
"Neighbour Patricia Villa says Major Nidal Malik Hasan came over to her apartment on Wednesday morning and told her he was going to be deployed on Friday.
She says he gave her some frozen broccoli, some spinach, T-shirts, shelves and a new Quran, the Muslim holy book.
She says he returned on Thursday morning and gave her his air mattress, several briefcases and a desk lamp.
Villa says Hasan then offered her $US60 to clean his apartment on Friday morning after he supposedly was to leave."

None of that sounds like a man planning to commit such an act.
Also doesn't sound too much like he was traumatised about going to Iraq which was the reason given on our TV.

Obviously good with handguns but if it was a planned event then a machine gun would have caused more damage. But I suppose hand guns get you in the place without anyone seeing the weapons.

BLBeamer said...

Hasan isn't dead, and was shot by one of his victims who is also still alive.


One Salient Oversight said...

I know that Hasan isn't dead. My weird thought is that once he gets off the ventilator and can be interviewed by the FBI it'll be discovered that he wasn't the gunman.

I'm going to assume that the gunman, like many spree killers, killed himself and is one of the (now 13) people killed in the incident.

BTW - I'm not going to say that this is actually what happened, it's just a weird thought.

BLBeamer said...

I agree that is a weird thought, but if Hasan denies he is the gunman, and the FBI believes him despite the eyewitness testimony of the hundreds of people there including the living person who exchanged gun fire with him, then political correctness has achieved its ultimate triumph.

Why was Hasan, a health professional, armed in the processing center?

Ron, given the actions that the Sept 11 hijackers performed prior to their acts on that day, some might say that Hasan's actions were entirely consistent with those of someone who intended to commit the killings and die in the process.

I am reading The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright and it provides insight into the mindset of these debauched and twisted evil-doers. I think Hasan gave plenty of forewarning as to his ability and ultimate likelihood to commit those killings, but the military command ignored them, just as the FBI ignored the warnings they received regarding the Sept 11 hijackers.

Ron said...

Hi BL I have not seen the book you mention and I take your point re 9/11 hijackers.

Still a conflicting story re reasons

His grandfather is reported as "He is a doctor and loves the US" Ismail Mustafa Hamad said in an interview at his home in the Palestinian town of al-Bireh. "America made him what he is."


Major Hasan's family said in a statement on Friday that his alleged actions were deplorable and didn't reflect how the family was reared. ''Our family is filled with grief for the victims and their families involved in yesterday's tragedy,'' said Nader Hasan, a cousin

I thought I saw the cousin on TV making statements about Hasan being persecuted so above extract sounds like selective reporting

Now in same article:
A recent classmate said Major Hasan once gave a jarring presentation to students in which he argued that the war on terrorism was a war against Islam.

Soldiers reported that the gunman shouted ''Allahu Akbar!''

Wow those last 2 items change things. How on earth was he allowed to do the job he did - doesn't the military check the mental state of its medical staff

BLBeamer said...

Hasan's family, I am sure, are heartbroken. From what I've heard they seem like decent folks. I don't hold Maj. Hasan's actions against them at all.

But Hasan, while living in Wash. DC, attended a mosque which has often been cited as a center for Saudi Wahhabism, and many of its congregants have ties to militant Islamism.

BLBeamer said...

By the way, I read yesterday that even though Hasan was born in the US, when he entered the Army he gave his nationality as "Palestinian."

His parents are from Jordan.


Ron said...

Re nationality question - it all depends how he saw the question. Did it mean citizenship or ethnic origins.

The trouble with these "events" we have a dichotomy - people born in western countries and having all the appearance of our culture and yet they suddenly commit murderous deeds.

Ron said...

Of course anyone can commit murderous deeds just that we start to think of religious reasons with people called Hasan etc

BLBeamer said...

Maybe it's different there in Australia, but in the US if you ask someone their nationality, if they were born here they will say, "American."