Mordor is in North Korea


The Ryugyong Hotel is Mount Doom:

Juche Tower is Barad-dur:

The Arch of Reunification is the Black gate (painted white):

And what about the darkness that dwells in Mordor? No electricity:

The abandoned village of Panmunjom between North and South Korea is the abandoned city of Osgiliath, lying between Gondor and Mordor:

Annatar was Sauron's name when he had a fair visage to deceive the elves:

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, that is no good at all because it means that the American DMC is Gondor!

Puts a whole new meaning on Boromir's "Gondor has no King, Gondor NEEDS no King!" and then finally recognising the exiled Aragorn, the dark mysterious tall man known as Strider, exiled from his place of birth and constantly travelling through new lands....

... Strider is Barak Obama! And he's about to be enthroned as the King of Gondor!