Godwin's law

Old Meany is unhappy:
If the election predictions hold true and the FBI doesn't arrest Barry Obama between now and the time I wake up, congratulations President-Elect Obama. A more corrupt political machine I have never seen in my short lifetime. Your campaign of intimidation and utter racism has been successful and I hope that you jettison your racist ways before you completely rip this country apart. I have never seen any past actions that would give me that hope, however I always hope. Even when odds, your past performance, and all historical accounts show you to be a shit heel of a person, I still hope.

There exists no man, no woman, no group of humans on this earth that shall ever crush my spirit nor my desire for personal success. I assure you, I will not produce a single thing to help you oppress the individualist. Not one thing sir, shall you or your thugs ever take from me. You can only keep the spirit of this country down for eight years. I pray that you do not try to pry the founding principles away from those that you intend to govern. We shall not stand for it.

Your philosophical brethren came for the Jews. If you try the same, my philosophical brethren shall not stand for it this time. We will not allow you to do to this country what is in your heart and what little mind you possess. Those of your ilk do not have the foundation that my peers possess. And you never shall because of your philosophy.

All of that said, I am sorry for what your kind has done to this country, the drive and initiative that your moochers have taken from our children. We shall be back at the top some day, and your kind will be driven back into your caves.

So it is written, so it shall be done. Let's get through this next four years as quickly as possible.

We applaud Vice President-Elect Biden and his blithering insanity, too. I hang my head.

Gribbit is disgusted:
The 2008 Presidential Election is going to go down in history as the election that was decided by the Main Stream Media and you lemmings fell for it. Republicans as a Party allowed the New York Times to select our Nominee. McCain was dead before the Times endorsed him in the Primary. CNN threw softballs to McCain before he became the apparent nominee. In the end, his friends in the press played pit bull on McCain and attacked him. Shortly after securing the necessary delegates to win the Nomination, the same New York Times attacked the very candidate they endorsed.

Barry Obama’s path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was paved with the dead bodies of aborted babies and heralded by the Main Stream Media which did nothing but cover-up and make excuses for Barry and his ultra liberal (and even terrorist) buddies.

The electorate of this nation has shown with this election that they haven’t the capacity to learn from our own history. There was another young man who ran for the Presidency and won without defining himself. He too was elected on the heels of an unpopular Republican President. That President went on to be THE most ineffective chief executive in our nation’s history. Under Jimmy Carter’s watch the unemployment rate skyrocketed to double digits, interest rates were in excess of 20%, and inflation was also in double digits. Jimmy too got himself elected without definition. A ‘Change’ candidate from the ‘corruption’ of an unpopular President Nixon.

When you fail to define your candidate before electing him to a position of power, you are playing with some dangerous elements. In Germany there once was a very charismatic character who ran for Chancellor based on ‘Change’. Germany too was in dire economic straights due to its loss in the first world war. Adolf Hitler led Germany out of its economic woes but at what cost? Over 100 million dead.

Instead of Jews Barry Obama blames unborn babies and they are his target for extermination. Barry will be in a position to appoint 2 replacements for the very liberal Ruthy Ginsburg and John Paul Stevens - who has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel).

So America, during the next 4 years as jobs are eliminated due to Barry’s aggressive tax plan and interest rates begin to climb to combat inflation, and the cost of living rises as a result of the rise in taxes Barry is seeking to pay for his massive social experiment, as health care in this country goes the way of the British and Canadian systems where you have to wait 6 - 12 months to have a medical procedure, remember one important thing. YOU ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN.

You people disgust me. Because you could have prevented the screwing that we are all about to receive. But instead you allowed yourself to be influenced by Chrissy Matthews and his tingly feeling up his legs. You spineless lemmings allowed your guilt for America’s past influence your vote and voted for a man’s skin color in spite of his lack of character. America, you truly deserve what we are about to receive.
Jenn is frightened:
Well, enjoy the last few months as a Republic. We are now entering the state of socialism and Big Brother. I think some people should read George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm during the next four years. Say goodbye to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Obama's policies will bankrupt us, it will cripple us, and we asked him to do it. I know many of you voted for this man. Obviously, this was your choice. I don't want to hear a peep of complaint about our nation in the next four years from any of you. You voted for him and you can suffer the consequences of his policies. He will only make you poorer because he will make this nation poorer. Your freedom of speech is at risk, your pocketbooks are at risk, and babies in the process of being born will be murdered. Do not complain to me when the price of bread skyrockets and we encounter another international crisis. Don't express fear when Obama reduces our military strength while Iran announces they have a nuclear bomb ready. Don't believe Obama that he can talk his way into making friends with Iran. They think we are the devil and continually announce they will destroy us. But perhaps, they won't have to. I think we are destroying ourselves quite well. Yes, I am angry and disillusioned. I am frustrated.

Over and over again tonight, God kept telling me I needed to trust him, no matter the outcome of this election. He promised me he would never leave me or forsake me. I am being called to stand firm in my faith, because soon, it will be all I have left and too sacred to forsake. I also know that judgement has been coming for this nation for some time. We have forsaken him for idols that cannot bring happiness. We kill our children, embrace promiscuity and sexual perversion, bow down to materialism, spit in his face, distort knowledge, and we live in a pool of lies. Actually, we aren't that different from ancient Israel. God did not let her continue unpunished in her sin and his judgment was severe. He gave her over to all her idols and perversions. He allowed that which she lusted for to overtake her and consume her. He is going to let us see just how futile these idols are in the next four years. He has allowed a man, whom we picked, to be in a place of power where he will allow our tax dollars to pay for partial birth abortion (these are babies who are viable but they kill it anyway), he will put limits on speech that allows you to have an opinion that is different from what he sees as right. He won't allow intolerance expect for those who disagree with him (only he and Congress can be intolerant). He will make the government such a powerful force that it will tell you how to eat, sleep, and work. He will shut down the best medical care provided in the world through his universal health care. He will put us further in debt if he pushes forward his trillion dollar spending. He will make our energy costs skyrocket by making our main source of energy production go bankrupt (his words yesterday). He will back out of promises, he will make you more dependent on government, and he will numb your souls by telling you that hard work has no incentive and this is freedom. If any of these things come true, do not come and complain to me. He made all of these things clear if you did your homework versus listen to your feelings and the mainstream media. Wisdom was reaching out to you, but you rejected her. God is going to humble us. I have hope though, that like the Israelites, God will bring us back into being the nation we were at the beginning of it's birth. It could be a while though. I also know that our faith may be under fire in this next administration (if you listen to Obama's pastor, you'll know he doesn't preach the good news of Christ, just hatred of white people) because Obama doesn't believe churches have the right to disagree with certain points of view. We will have to be a people of prayer. His church cannot be sucked in by the world anymore, but needs to be brought down on it's knees in prayer. Many of us will be sifted out like the wheat and chaff. Many will forsake the church for the approval of the world. We will be tested, but never forsaken. If we are persecuted, we have to remember Christ and the early church. We cannot lose hope, for when we do that, we have lost God. Obama is not hope, but he is change. Change for a better America? NO. But we must now lie in the bed we made and pray that God will have mercy on us once again.
Stan is not happy either:
America supports dismembering babies and redistribution of wealth; Hitler would be so proud.

America has decided to go the way of Marxism and that's not all.

What is shocking to me is that so-called "Christians" voted to support the dismemberment of babies in the womb. They scoff at what the Bible says about murder. Of course their scoffing sounds all pretty and well thought out. They couch it in pleasant arguments. But these smooth words fail to hide the fact that they voted to expand the war against the unborn.

God will not be mocked. These "Christians" will reap what they have sown.

Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things (such as murder) deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them. (Romans 1:32)

You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you. (James 5:6)

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death." (Revelation 21:8)
Emphasis mine.


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Thanks for the link, OSO. I have another Jew post in the hopper right now. Gimme about an hour.

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OSO. I did visit that link but found it hard to grasp any intelligence there. A lot of bad language.

of course ALL people anywhere did need to watch leaders that might use Hitler tactics to achieve ends. Enabling legislation is very dangerous to be allowed. But America has a sound system.

And the really Good News

to imagine 2012 bid - Palin

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Love the title.