Barack Obama's Photostream

It's very easy once you're a supporter of a political figure to be fed images like this and to believe that they're natural. Part of me wants to, but part of me remembers the sins of politicians in ages before and there is doubt. A time will come when people will look back on these pictures and wonder how they were taken in. Like the first blooms of love, when your sweetheart is perfect, a time will come when reality bites and the memories of yesteryear are reinterpreted.

Obama isn't the Messiah. Time will tell whether he will be a good politician and leader. Let's just hope that his achievements outweigh his inevitable failures.

Obama's photostream is here.

Actually what really impresses me about this photostream is that the pics are licensed under a creative commons license. This might auger well for free software and music in the future methinks.

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