"Traditional Jumpsuits" - the height of 1970s fashion?

Image shamelessly stolen from Plaid Stallions.


Ron said...

had something like that - the tropical suit - top was a short sleeve jacket - the same ghastly light blue - wore to the office and a director asked if I was on holiday.

Then Chris bought me a present of trousers with a belt like those guys are wearing - it had a "patent" way of fastening - tried em on and when I tried to take off the belt got tighter and tighter - and SHE still laughs about it.

Anonymous said...

Grandma, mum and I still laugh about it. It was like watching a balloon inflate at the top and shrink in the middle. You were struggling to breath because of the belt, and we were struggling to breath from laughing. I don't know if Jacqui remembers the scene, but I do.

Wasn't the belt one of those mesh belts with the shiny metal buckle that snaps backwards? Yet every time you tugged on it the spring only got tighter. Hilarious!