Cool Summer

As many of you know I complain about Summer. I get heat rash and sweaty and hate getting suncream on me. I also prefer foods known for their Winter styling.

Well, this Summer has been reasonably cool. I think it may have something to do with La Nina, but the extra rainy days we've had here on the East coast of Oz have kept temperatures down below 30 for most of this month and last month. Usually at this time of year we start having things like bushfires and heat waves and fire restrictions - but not this year. We're now over half-way through Summer and so far, I'm quite happy with the way things have been going.

But I need to remember one thing - January may be the hottest month of the year, but February is the second hottest. So all these things I've written may come back to haunt me at some point.

It's good, though, being able to sleep well at night without tossing and turning in the heat. The worst is when temperatures never get below about 25°C (77°F) at night, and the fan acts like a hair-drier. I remember one day a few summers ago when it reached around 44°C (111°F) and it was still around 35°C (95°F) at 10pm. Whew!

But this month has seen night-time temps dropping to around 14°C (57°F) on occasion, which has been great in cooling down the house from the warm day and allowing us to actually use blankets.

Well, I'd love to keep writing, but I haven't finished the washing up and I'm already covered in sweat from washing up the first half. Washing dishes in Summer is a real bummer.


Anonymous said...

Get a box conditioner and put it in your window. Burn some electricity. Bring it on!

BLBeamer said...

Hey, it's about 30 degress here where I live, too!

Seriously, Neil, I agree with Dave. Get a box. Mrs. Beamer - who feels about summer as you do - has not stopped smiling since we put a box in.