General Motors admits Peak Oil

From the department of better-late-than-never:
The world's biggest car maker, General Motors, believes global oil supply has peaked and a switch to electric cars is inevitable.

In a stunning announcement at the opening of the Detroit motor show, Rick Wagoner, GM's chairman and chief executive, also said ethanol was an "important interim solution" to the world's demand for oil, until battery technology improved to give electric cars the same driving range as petrol-powered cars.

GM is working on an electric car, called the Volt, which is due in showrooms in 2010, but delays in suitable battery technology have slowed the project.

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Anonymous said...

But nothing in the midday news! GM, one of the larger car companies in the world, admits we are near the final oil crisis, and says that all future cars will have to wean off oil towards electricity... and it's not the lead story?

The world is weird, and in total denial.