Space 1999 - Planet of the Feminazis

Koenig and a Red Shirt discover a Telecom phone booth on an abandoned planet.

This man is about to die. In a few moments now he will be killed. For Arthur Jarrett is a convicted criminal who has been allowed to choose the manner of his own execution.

Koenig ponders a prison run by attractive women dressed in red spandex and wielding whips.

"The weapon appears to be yet another phallocentric symbol of male dominance that threatens the narrative we are trying to impose here."

"Dang! Forget to pack the Imodium!"

"I saw this brunette on the other side of the river. She asked me 'how do I get to the other side?' 'You are on the other side' I said to her! Silly brunette! Hee hee hee."

Meanwhile, Servalan manages to capture Avon for her own twisted ends.

Koenig threatens the dominant narrative by pointing a powerful phallocentric object in their direction with the intention of releasing energy upon them.

"Fear not! We have rendered useless Koenig's phallocentric threat by making it impotent. We must continue our struggle to re-assert our dominant narrative!"

But Koenig's virile resistance cannot be overcome. Here some woman succumb to his violent discharges.

This doesn't need a caption to be funny.

"Liberator... I mean, Enterprise... I mean... wait. Where's my comm badge?"

The women suddenly realise that red spandex has gone out of fashion.

The dominant narrative is finally subverted by, like, some sort of space virus I think.

Space 1999 - Devil's Planet


Chestertonian Rambler said...

That is simply hillarious

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Doesn't need a caption!

Boy, what were the directors on?

Michael Deal said...

Love it Neil, more of the same when you can!


Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I thought of you when I did them Mike. But, then again, the episode was so frigging ridiculous!

Michael Deal said...

It's funny Neil, I have both seasons on DVD and cannot even remember this one. I will have to go back and watch it when i have a free week. Judging by the cut and colour of Mr Landau's weave on top it must be Series 2.

By the way if you have time to do another one down the track please have a go at "The Last Sunset" and pay particular attention to Prentiss Hancock's overacting as well as Commander Koenig's immortal line as he paces up and down the set:- "Alan I want those Eagles up and I want them now!!"