Old accusations, new enemy

Think of the common labels thrown out against political opponents these days. What sort of political thinking would be labelled in the following way?

  • The propagation of ideas like Darwinism, Marxism, the teachings of Nietzche, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism and Anarchism.
  • A focus on Utopianism that is actually unattainable because of the underlying conspiracy within the group.
  • A movement towards materialism.
  • Supporting supranational entities notions such as World Government.
  • A control of the media to promote these evil ideas, under the guise of a "free press" (which is actually controlled by the conspiracy).
  • Sexual licence.
  • An opposition to Christianity and a promotion of secularism and atheism - but with an actual evil religion undergirding it.
All those descriptions can quite easily be seen as being directed by conservatives against progressives. Consider the following:
  • Conservatives often use progressive ideas as a perjorative, and will quite easily label a progressive by a general term. Labelling them as "communists", for example, even though they don't espouse Communism.
  • An argument that progressive ideas are based upon a vision of a "false utopia".
  • An argument that progressives cannot tolerate faith and are inherently materialist.
  • Complete opposition to any notion that supranational entities like the United Nations and the European Union are useful. Such entities are either threats to freedom or full of incompetents. Those who support such entities are thus evil.
  • That the "Mainstream Media" is inherently "liberal" and has an agenda to promote a particular point of view under the guise of the "free press".
  • That sexual licence promoted by progressives will end up leading to the destruction of traditional marriage and enforced sexual perversions (like paedophilia and bestiality).
  • That a conspiracy of progressives is trying to destroy Christianity and replace it with atheism, and that such a conspiracy has, at its base, Satanic and pagan influences.
Sounds terrible doesn't it? Or maybe it sounds true. Or maybe, just maybe, someone came up with the same sort of thing during the late nineteenth century and directed it towards a societal group that they thought was destroying the world?

In the case of the late nineteenth century, these beliefs were outright lies that were fabricated with the intention of creating ill-will and hatred towards their "enemy". It therefore gives you an idea of how these people - even those today - think.

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