Space 1999 - The Immunity Syndrome

"Well, after last episode, I'm just glad to be out of the action, which gives me the chance to wring my hands and feel useless if anything goes wrong down on the planet."

In the 21st century, reflections of bright light usually indicate impending doom.

In the 21st century, people still wear false teeth.

Tony is driven mad by the bright light.

"I STILL can't get FOX on this damn thing!"

Predictably, Maya and Helena wring their hands and feel useless.

Tony begins to hunger for human brains.

In the 21st century, telescopes can shoot lasers while eye protection consists of 1960s Andy Warhol type sunglasses.

In the 21st century, RTA road crews still have morning tea breaks.

...and afternoon naps.

Frozen with fear, the ground party watch helplessly as the Commander's Eagle plummets to the ground.

Here is the ground party watching helplessly from a different perspective.

Koenig makes a radio communicator out of balsa wood, plumbing equipment, yellow sticky tape and bubble wrap.

Meanwhile, back on Alpha, Helena wrings her hands in anxiety, feeling helpless.

Suddenly the ground party discover an underground conceptual art gallery.

Maya and Helena put spacesuits on to give them the impression that they are doing something. They feel better.

Koenig, Carter and Frank begin watching Fox and Friends.

On Fox and Friends, they watch an interview with Mel Smith dressed up like a Cardassian.

Just like a pair of dogs sniffing one another.

The height of 21st century men's fashion.

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.

Alan, Helena and Maya prepare a futuristic mortar in case Koenig needs artillery support.

Suddenly the show ends with no explanation of what was going on. Damn you Fred Freiberger!

Space 1999: The Immunity Syndrome.

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