Trouble in the ranks for Dubya

I have just visited the Boars Head Tavern - an eclectic group of amusing misfits who are generally conservative and evangelical, but who grapple with some very deep theology while at the same time discussing more mundane things. There are around 35 or so contributors, and they basically sit there and blog at each other.

But I just noticed that one of them has begun to complain about Bush and the GOP. Chances are that most of these people are Conservative Republicans who have voted for Bush twice. They are not political in their blogging, so any insights they have about politics reflects more upon the Evangelical grassroots.

Here are the quotes:

Supreme Court

Kind of a funny contrast (and sad).

People supported Roberts because he was well qualified, and a Conservative.
People support Miers because she is a Christian.

The former assumes Roberts is not a Christian (ostensibly I assume because he is Catholic) and the latter assumes Miers is not qualified but being a Christian makes up for it. (it doesn't).

I think I'm officially against Miers. One, because I'm reluctantly coming to the conclusion that Bush is the worst president we've had in my living memory, and two, because Pat Robertson supports her.

I think I may regret the statement about Bush later. That's how I feel this second and I have a bit of a headache, so that may be it. Someone convince me that I'm not right, either by pointing out how good Bush is or how someone else was worse. - BM

As long as...

I'm disparaging my own political party, I think Tom Delay needs to be buried in a deep dark cell somewhere and quit dragging the party to undreamt of ethical and political lows. - BM

BM, I supported our current president with a vote, and relate to your despair. I do not however share your identification with the Republican party and I remember that MS had a lot to share in favor of the 'two party' system. But I have come to believe that the current system quenches creativity by instituting conformity over statesmanship. Loyalty is not to the nation, it is to the party and it's cronies. - KR

BTW, I love days like today when there's synchronicity in the tavern: (1) discussion of Radical Orthodoxy and (2) BM's declaration that he's reluctantly coming to the conclusion that "Bush is the worst president we've had in my living memory." Sweet. An Ale-8 for that man, barkeep. - JH

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